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Justin Bieber tweets help raise awareness of organ donation campaign

A simple retweet and some messages from Justin Bieber on Twitter has helped a 20-year-old's plight to promote organ donation.

As the Ottawa Citizen reports, fellow Canadian Hélène Campbell - who is due to undergo a double lung transplant - had tweeted Bieber in the hope that he might spread the word about, a website set up to encourage people to donate their organs.

Not only did Bieber take time to retweet the message, he also replied to Campbell and promoted her personal blog, 'A Lung Story. He tweeted:

"I got the word...You have amazing strength. I got you."

The effects of Bieber's promotion cannot be determined just yet, but with Bieber's 16 million followers receiving the message and a social media campaign already underway, things are looking up. Campbell said:

"Just the fact that so many people are rallying for the cause, I find that so inspiring. More than 300 people registered to be donors on Thursday, and each one of them can save eight lives. That's a possibility of a lot of lives being saved."

Watch a video of Hélène Campbell thanking Justin Bieber for the support below: