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Justin Bieber: 'My fear stops me from swimming in the ocean'

Canadian hitmaker Justin Bieber has opened up about what scares him and admitted that there is one thing in particular that never fails to make him incredibly nervous.

In a new interview, the 18-year-old 'Boyfriend' superstar explained that sharks terrify him and even prevent him from enjoying downtime at the beach:

"I'm afraid of sharks. I have [swam in the ocean] but I don't like it. I'm just scared of sharks I guess."

He also spoke about the track he is going to release on Mother's Day in America (May 13), which he wrote for his own mum Pattie, and said that because he won't be around to celebrate with her he will just treat her to dinner once he has honoured his commitments:

"I wrote a song for her and I will be putting it out on Mother's Day for her and all the other mothers around the world. I'm not going to be with her, I'm going to be out of the country so maybe when I come back we can do a big dinner."

Watch his new music video for 'Boyfriend' below: