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Justin Bieber: "Everything I do is kind of modelled after Michael Jackson"

Justin Bieber has revealed that he looks up to Michael Jackson.

Speaking to Forbes, Bieber was asked who he looks up to in the music world - replying with only one man.

For the teen star, it is the late King of Pop that gives him the most musical inspiration. He said:

"I mean for me it's only one person. Everything that I do is kind of modelled after Michael Jackson."

The 'Boyfriend' star meanwhile spoke about becoming a "mini mogul" in the music business - something which his manager Scooter Braun is actively encouraging. He said:

"He [Scooter] wants me to be knowledgeable about my business and know what I'm actually doing and not one of those artists that lets everybody take care of it," he revealed. "He wants me to be a mini mogul myself."

Watch Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend' below: