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Justin Bieber admits 3am jam session with One Direction p****d off neighbours

Justin Bieber has admitted that his recent 3am jam session with One Direction p****d off neighbours who were trying to sleep.

The Canadian heartthrob, who headed straight to Niall Horan’s apartment after arriving in London on Tuesday, told the Metro that they may have got a little carried away whilst making music together:

"We were making a little jam session at three in the morning and he lives in this apartment.

"So there’s people underneath him and we were playing really loud and all the sudden we hear “bang, bang, bang” on the door and this guy shouted “keep it down”. It was crazy."

The 18-year-old, who recently cooked the boyband noodles at his LA mansion after the MTV Video Music Awards, also revealed he’s been hanging out with another British star, David Beckham:

"We’ve hung out a few times. He came to the studio one time with his kids. He’s just a super down to earth guy… checks in once in a while and texts me."

Watch a recent interview with Justin Bieber below: