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Justin Timberlake parodies Bon Iver in SNL skit

Justin Timberlake returned to the Saturday Night Live stage at the weekend in a hilarious sketch based on Jay-Z and Beyonce’s new baby.

The ‘Sexyback’ star surprised audiences by impersonating Best New Artist Grammy winner Bon Iver during the skit, which saw a host of celebrities dropping in on the couple (played by Maya Rudolph and Jay Pharoah) to give Blue Ivy Carter their best.

Sporting a bad combover, Timberlake deadpanned: "Sorry I'm late, uh whatever. Just wandering barefoot in the woods of Wisconsin. I fashioned this guitar out of a canoe and I wrote a song for your baby."

The singer, who has regularly appeared on the iconic comedy show, was then carried out of the room by Andy Samberg and Pharoah after the falsetto lullaby he performed put himself to sleep.

The real-life Bon Iver, Justin Vernon, admitted to being a fan of the sketch on Twitter, “Holy sh-t, I was just watching SNL and JT did a Bon Iver hilarious thing! Also, Maya Rudolph saying 'Bon Iver' is enough. I can die now!!!"




Watch Justin in a previous Saturday Night Live sketch below: