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Justin Timberlake on new movie 'Runner Runner': 'It's about the new American dream'

'Suit & Tie' hitmaker Justin Timberlake has opened up about his brand new movie 'Runner Runner' and described the project as representing the 'new American dream' and how this generation wants things immediately.

The superstar plays the character of Richie Furst, a gifted college student who uses his mathematical expertise to excel in games of online poker, and in a featurette for the motion picture he can be seen explaining that his role is 'good guy, bad situation':

"Richie is a guy in the wrong world, trying to do things the right way. It's a fast paced world, [Ivan] Block sees someone he finally relates to. As the movie progresses, it becomes this sort of mentor-apprentice role. The deeper he gets into the story, the darker and darker it gets."

Timberlake added that it will be relatable to viewers because "it's the new American Dream. The more access we have to things the faster we want them."






Watch a trailer for 'Runner Runner', which is due to premiere in the UK on September 27, here: