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Katy Perry promises video "soon" as 'Dark Horse' stays at No.1 in US

Katy Perry says the video for her single 'Dark Horse' is due to land soon.

The singer made the assertion after learning that the tune, which features on her 2013 album 'Prism', has spent a second week at No.1 in the US.

Perry previously suggested that the track was her most "unexpected" No.1 single yet, but it seems to have captured the minds of the public.

She wrote on Twitter: "Ermagherd derk herse holds steady for the 2nd week @ #1! THANK YEW! Would you like a video? Okee! Hold yer herses...SOON!"

'Dark Horse' collaborator Juicy J meanwhile recently revealed the track's video is more like a film than a basic promo clip.

He said: "It's a movie, man. It's a major motion picture. I can't really tell you because it's definitely going to be a surprise, but I'll tell you this much right here: you've seen her other videos, this one's gonna be just as big."






Listen to 'Dark Horse' below: