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Katy Perry opens up on her "tough times" last year

Katy Perry has opened up on the "tough times" that she went through last year.

The singer split up with former husband Russell Brand at the tail end of 2011, with divorce papers filed on December 30.

Speaking on Graham Norton's talk show, Perry said that whilst her personal life wasn't great, she had to distance that from her job.

She added that her problems are not the audience's too, and that she put a smile on her face and went on stage with her "t*ts spinning". She said:

"I love being on stage and even though I went through some pretty tough times last year I had to separate that because I know my problems are my problems and they are not the audience's problems. They are here to see a show and to be entertained, so I got on that lift, put a smile on my face and went up (on stage) with my t*ts spinning!"




Watch a lyric video for Katy Perry's 'Wide Awake' below: