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Katy Perry reveals future acting plans

Katy Perry has expressed her desire to become a versatile actress.

The singer indulged in the big screen with her 2012 3D film 'Part of Me', which followed the 'Wide Awake' star's life.

Speaking to Billboard, Perry admitted that she wants to take on acting roles that would see her deviate from the "pretty girl" image. She said:

"I want to do stuff that's a little unrecognizable, the self-deprecation kind of humor where I don't always have to be lit so perfectly. I know I can be like the pretty girl, the teasing kitten. But what I want to do is be like a Jerri from Amy Sedaris' [Strangers With Candy]. I just want to kind of transform."

Perry is set to voice a character in the forthcoming animated film Smurfs 2, which is due for release in summer 2013.

The 'Teenage Dream' star meanwhile recently admitted that she wanted to be an "inspiration" - not a role model. She believes that the latter term "puts you on a pedestal that no one can really live up to".

Perry was also interviewed several hours ago for charity event Trevor Live 2012, where she answered a red carpet question about the progress of her next album. The global star replied:

"It's like asking me about a baby that I don't have in my belly! I can't say too much about it, but I do know that I will have to be creative on this next one - I don't think I can duplicate what I did last time. I will definitely try out some different things."




Watch the full interview with Katy Perry at Trevor Live 2012, below: