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Kelly Clarkson: 'Listening to my old songs kills me'

'Catch My Breath' songstress Kelly Clarkson has admitted that she struggles with listening back to her old material because of the autotune and the way her voice sounds.

She explained to CNN that she finds it strange how young she sounds on her older albums and is disappointed by how enhanced the vocals are because they didn't need altering:

"Sometimes, I can’t listen to really old school songs… because they just use some much autotune when it’s not needed and it kills me, I can't listen to it. What I love about that though is on songs like ‘Miss Independent,’ not only was it autotune, I just sounded different, I sounded so young."

She also added that now that she's "living cheese" and in love her attitude towards the topics of her songs has changed significantly:

"[My song] ‘Don’t Rush’ is on the US album, and I would totally not have picked that song before because I would have been, ‘That’s cheese'. Now that I’m living cheese and I’m in love [with boyfriend Brandon Blackstock], I totally love it.”




Watch her video for 'Catch My Breath' here: