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Kelly Clarkson: 'Everyone seems too cool for school in the pop music industry'

Country-pop sensation Kelly Clarkson has revealed that she finds it difficult to relate to other pop stars so rarely turns to her contemporaries in the industry for advice. 

In a new interview with TIME magazine, the 'Tie It Up' beauty explained that she prefers to rely on her own instincts although she would sooner ask a fellow country artist for direction than a pop star:

"I’ve always been kind of the gypsy girl, even from when I was a kid. I was really bad at time management and knowing my limits, touringwise or workwise."

"It is funny, I do relate way more to country stars. Sometimes I’m at a pop event, and I love all the artists there, but — I don’t know if my personality’s just different; I’m superopen, and I’ll talk to anyone — but sometimes I feel everybody is too cool for school."

When asked if she was saying that country artists are nicer than pop stars, she added: "I am absolutely 100% saying that… And I love pop music and the people in pop music."






Watch her lyric video for 'Underneath The Tree' below: