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Ke$ha reveals that naughty costumes cheer her up

Glitter-pop star Ke$ha has revealed that she has an unusual way of cheering herself up when she feels blue on tour. 

Speaking to Glamour magazine, the 'Your Love Is My Drug' singer explained that if she's having a bad day she will ask members of her crew and team to wear a "penis outfit" in order to pick up her spirits:

"Who isn't amused by a giant, dancing penis? Sometimes when I'm sad, I make my assistant put on the penis outfit and bounce around my house."

"I'm just very amused by five-year-old humour. Don’t get me wrong: I do destroy men on a weekly basis. It's like a hobby. I'm like a praying mantis. They f**k me, and then I eat them."




The songstress also revealed to a fan on social networking site Twitter (January 31) that she is set to launch her very own range of glitter: "I'm coming out with my OWN glitter that is fucking AMAZING. u kno i know my glitter."

Watch her 2011 interview with Wham Bam below: