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Ke$ha: 'Crazed fan sent me a blood-covered knife in the mail'

Feisty pop songstress Ke$ha has revealed that a fan once made her feel incredibly threatened by posting a 'bloody' weapon to her.

In the new issue of the NME, which is out today (October 31), the 'Die Young' hitmaker explained that she once opened a package containing a knife that was covered in blood and it had been sent from a fan along with a menacing letter:

"It came from one of my fans. He said if I wasn’t his then I would be no one’s and he would come and take me. I’m kind of scared he’s gonna make me into a lamp."

She also admitted that the stunt she pulled in Australia where she appeared to drink blood out of a human heart "was real": "I did it on stage in Sydney. I think I was hanging out with Alice Cooper too much. I was just really inspired to do it. There wasn’t a very good reason behind it."

Ke$ha is set to release her forthcoming new album, 'Warrior', on December 4.




Listen to 'Die Young' here: