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Kimberley Walsh more confident after new weight loss

Kimberley Walsh has revealed that she's finally gained the confidence to wear skinny jeans after starting a new workout regime that helped her to shed 7lbs.

The curvy Girls Aloud star, who was recently confirmed to replace Amanda Holden as Princess Fiona in Shrek: The Musical, told LOOK magazine that her progress has been slow but steady and she's appreciating her legs a lot more now:

"I've been doing a new workout programme for over a year now. It doesn't happen overnight, but it's changed my shape. I've lost maybe 7lbs - I put on a pair of jeans and think, 'Oh! My legs didn't look that shape before.' That's progress!"

"It definitely opens things up a lot more. Now I've evened out my shape a bit, I'm getting slightly more daring. I've worn skinny jeans a few times, which I hadn't done for a while."

Luckily, 29-year-old Walsh admitted that she steers clear of fad diets after attempting some just weren't "sustainable" and she added:

"I don't want to be obsessed with food. I'd genuinely rather exercise. When I was young I tried all the diets. The Atkins - ugh, awful. I hate that diet so much. Diets don't last. It's not a realistic way of life, it's not sustainable. Now I eat normally, I'll eat junk food once in a blue moon."

Watch her talk about her role in the new 'Horrid Henry' movie here: