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Lady Gaga loves Adele

Pop superstar Lady Gaga took a moment out of her 'Born This Way' video's day of release to chat with Radio 1's Greg James earlier today, February 28. 

When asked what she does on a regular week day and what she wears to bed, she answered:

"Well, I'm perched in my bed, I just woke up, my hair looks very funny and I have a big, giant cup of coffee in my hand! I'm actually just wearing, is that safe for radio? Black underwear and a bra!"

The 'Poker Face' singer also revealed which British acts she loves:

"Oh my goodness I love so many! I love Adele, I thinks he's wonderful. I'm so excited at the success she's had over the past couple of weeks with the BRITs and everything. It's so wonderful."

Gaga's new video for 'Born This Way' premiered this afternoon, which she wrote the script for, and has been in Twitter's top 10 worldwide trending topics for the past few hours now. Watch the mini-film style video here: