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Lady Gaga gets edible surprise ahead of the Born This Way Foundation's launch

Lady Gaga is officially set to launch her Born This Way Foundation today, February 29, and she received a special surprise at her hotel last night that proved to her the organisation's message is already spreading. 

The pop icon will attend Harvard University in Boston later today to promote the foundation's mission statement of bravery, love and individuality, and sent out a tweet to her 19.7 million Little Monsters last night to show them how the positive message of acceptance is already beginning to make an impact:

"I'm so excited to launch the BORN THIS WAY FOUNDATION at Harvard with my mom tomorrow. I'll be there with an amazing repertoire of experts."

"The chef at hotel made me a surprise. So awesome to see the message spreading already. One cookie at a time."




Watch an interview with Gaga from earlier this year below: