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Lady Gaga finishes Hong Kong shows, reveals exhaustion

Pop icon Lady Gaga has performed her final show at Hong Kong's Asia World Arena and took to social networking site Twitter to voice her feelings about the successful string of concerts.

Writing earlier this evening (May 7), Gaga explained that each of her sets at the venue were nothing short of a "dream come true" and she was overwhelmed at the fact that all four gigs had sold out completely:

"Last show in Hong Kong, what an amazing time it's been here. A dream come true, 4 sold out shows in a row. till tonight lil monsters..."

"Drop dead after last Hong Kong. You Chinese kids are fucking crazy, in my dressing room recovering. Thanks Donatella X"

She also shared a photograph of herself, which was taken earlier tonight after the last show. The 'Judas' sensation will now travel to Japan for 3 performances at the Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo before moving on to other locations including Thailand, Singapore and finally Europe.




Watch her music video for 'Yoü and I' below: