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Lady Gaga premieres new song on The Simpsons

Lady Gaga last night premiered a new song during her guest star appearance on The Simpsons.

The 26-year-old, who became the latest pop star to be invited onto the hit show for its 23rd season finale, debuted a track entitled 'Little Monsters' that was specially written for the episode.

The 'Bad Romance' singer, who previously claimed that her role on the series was the most nervous she’d ever been in her career, namechecked a number of Simpsons characters in the song including Disco Stu, Professor Frink and Grandpa Simpson.

The parody of her relationship with her fans included lyrics such as: "When they're young, all little monsters learn that they are scary, ugly, stupid, shunned by cupid, overweight, and hairy. 

"But every monster needs to find that secret deep inside, that transforms Dr Jekyll into sexy Mr Hyde."




Watch Lady Gaga perform 'Little Monsters' below: