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Lady Gaga gets into a flap after bird that sounds like a boiling teapot confuses her

Lady Gaga got into a bit of a flap earlier today (May 30) after being confused by a noisy bird.

The singer took to Twitter to tweet about the confusing episode where the bird, situated outside of her hotel room, sounded like a boiling teapot.

She said that she kept on thinking her tea was ready - when in fact it was just the bird squawking. She said:

"There's a bird outside my hotel room that sounds like a boiling teapot! I'm so confused! Keep thinking my Tea is ready then am disappointed!"

Gaga was enjoying a day off when the bird incident occurred, with the singer tweeting earlier that she might write some "questionable poetry" to pass the time.

"What a beautiful day! I have the day off. I think I'll dive head first into this bottle of Anejo and write some questionable poetry."




Watch Lady Gaga on her Born This Way Ball tour below: