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Lea Michele on debut album 'Louder': 'It's part of me and I'm so proud of it'

'Glee' beauty Lea Michele has revealed that her new debut album, 'Louder', is very much a part of her in every way both creatively and emotionally. 

Speaking to E! News about the exciting record, she explained that it's very personal and was cathartic to make because of what's been going on in her private life over the past year:

"It's really the story of the past two years of my life. The incredible, beautiful, happiest moments of my life, as well as the worst. And my goal in all of this was to make an album that was honest and was true to me."

Michele added that she meant every word of every song that she wrote and if the songs she recorded were written by other people, she made sure she could relate to them in order to make 'Louder' as close to her heart as possible:

"I didn't record one word that I didn't feel I could relate to, whether or not I wrote it or it was given to me. These are words, these are parts of me. And so I'm very proud of it, and it is something beautiful that did come out of a very difficult time."

When asked if she has a favourite song on the album, she added: "I would say that my favourite song is definitely 'You're Mine'. It's really about making that commitment in a relationship, about at the beginning being scared to take the leap, but when once you take it, committing yourself to another person and saying, you know, this is it, for life."

Check out 'You're Mine' here: