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Leona Lewis: 'I'm not as serious and dark as my songs suggest'

'Bleeding Love' songstress Leona Lewis has revealed that she isn't a serious or 'dark' person like the lyrical content of her music might suggest. 

During an interview with Britain's Daily Express newspaper, Lewis confessed that just because her songs are deep and emotional doesn't mean that she's a serious person:

"I love having a laugh. It's true that a lot of my songs are very passionate and that's the kind of music I'm drawn to, but I'm not really serious, dark and poised like that."

Lewis went onto talk about touring and life on the road, and explained that when she has to spend extended periods of time at home she doesn't know what to do with herself because it's so strange to her now to live a 'normal life':

"Travelling to me is normal. It's just part of what I do. When I'm at home for any length of time, I start re-arranging stuff in my house, maybe out of boredom. I'm so used to being on the road that it's like home to me and I can literally sleep anywhere. I was like that as a baby, too, put me in a chair now and I'll go to sleep."

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