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Leona Lewis is over the "weird teenage-adult stage" of her life

'Collide' hitmaker Leona Lewis has revealed that after years of going through "that weird teenage-adult stage" she finally feels comfortable with who she is. 

Speaking to Rollacoaster magazine, the 26-year-old singer explained that she understands herself more now and doesn't care about labels that might be given to her by the press or public. 

"I've come a long way since ['The X Factor'] and I've grown as a performer, as a singer, everything. I was in that weird teenage-adult stage for a long time - making decisions that perhaps weren't right, but I've realised in the last couple of years that I have grown up and I know myself so much more."

"[Being called boring] doesn't bother me. I'd rather be seen like that than a harsh, brash person. If my friends said that then I'd have something to worry about!"

Watch her performance of 'Collide' from Red or Black here: