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Liam Gallagher's wife doesn't recognise his wild persona

Liam Gallagher's wife, Nicole Appleton, forgets that he's a rock star because their life together with their son Gene is so ordinary. 

The former All Saints singer married Gallagher in 2008 and they've been in a relationship since 2000, but she revealed to the Evening Standard newspaper that it's strange to think of him as the wild, outspoken persona the media makes him out to be as he's a dependable husband and great father:

"He's so normal. And he's so Gene's dad. It's funny to think of him as that (a rock star). He's an amazing guy."

Appleton currently lives in Canada with the pair's son and added that Gallagher even took time out from Beady Eye's tour to watch the premiere episode of her brand new show, 'Cover Me Canada':

"Liam was here for the first show, right there in the audience. He didn't do anything (on camera). I don't think he wanted any distraction for me. He just wanted me to get my head down and focus on what I was doing."

Watch a recent interview with Gallagher and a promotional video for 'Cover Me Canada' here: