Acclaimed East Nashville indie Red Beet Records is proud and honored to announce that it has become part of the Proper Distribution family


Available now, Proper Distribution will make available the back catalogue of Red Beet Records, including CDs by such Americana and Folk artists as Last Train Home, Peter Cooper, Fayssoux, and the lauded duo Eric Brace & Peter Cooper. 

Also included in the catalogue is the Grammy-nominated Tom T. Hall tribute, I Love: Tom T. Hall's Songs of Fox Hollow, featuring performances by Patty Griffin, Bobby Bare, Duane Eddy, Jim Lauderdale, Elizabeth Cook, and Tom T. Hall himself, among many others.

 "The clear musical vision of Red Beet Records is evident on every release," says No Depression Magazine/Website. "Their attention to detail -- graphic and musical -- is as impressive as any label out there."

With beautiful graphic design and stellar liner notes to go along with the impeccably recorded music, the physical copies of Red Beet's releases deserve a place in your music library. These are CDs to own and read and look at, rather than collections of songs that you might simply download.

For more information, please contact Lynn Lancaster at

or call 0208 676 5178 ext 256 (in the UK).


Here is a list of the Red Beet titles that will now be available through Proper, via this link.


  • Eric Brace & Peter Cooper: The Comeback Album (2013)
    "Extremely clever story-songs, character sketches, topical tunes...they're total-package, old-school entertainers like that." - The Nashville Scene

  • Eric Brace & Peter Cooper: Master Sessions (2010)
    "Brace and Cooper have clearly cultivated a winning formula, one that consists of steadfast, rootsy refrains, an ample blend of sincere sentiment and folksy humor, and the musical wherewithal to pull these disparate elements together. Once again, this duo does themselves and their forebears proud." - Country Standard Time

  • Eric Brace & Peter Cooper: You Don't Have to Like Them Both (2008)
    "I truly believe Eric Brace and Peter Cooper are keeping song-sensitivity alive.” -  Bob Harris, BBC Radio

  • Various Artists: I Love: Tom T. Hall's Songs of Fox Hollow (2011)
    "They came, they sang, and wonders ensued. Song after song, the mood sustains, the joy maintains, the spirit rises. All came and all gave it their finest. Cooper and Brace made nary a false move, from conception to execution." - The Bluegrass Special

  • Jerry Lawson: Just a Mortal Man (2015)
    "Lawson calls Sam Cooke, Brook Benton, Bobby 'Blue' Bland, and David Ruffin his heroes, but one listen to this album and you’ll hear why Lawson stands shoulder-to-shoulder with them, often transcending musically the achievements of his heroes." - No Depression

  • Eric Brace & Karl Straub: Hangtown Dancehall (2013) (featuring Kelly Willis, Jason Ringenberg, Wesley Stace, and more)

“An artistic success...a bold concept and a fine piece of music and storytelling.” - Martin Chilton, The Telegraph UK


“Muscular and tuneful." - Tim Rice, lyricist of Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, and The Lion King.

  • Peter Cooper: Opening Day (2013)
    "Peter Cooper looks at the world with an artist’s eye and a human heart and soul. His songs are the work of an original, creative imagination, alive with humor and heartbreak and irony and intelligence, with truth and beauty in the details. Deep stuff. And they get better every time you listen to them.” - Kris Kristofferson


  • Peter Cooper: The Lloyd Green Album (2010)
    "There’s not a weak song here, the execution of each is superb and the accompanying musicians are first class." - Alan Cackett, Maverick Magazine

  • Peter Cooper: Mission Door (2008)

"This first album by East Nashville's Peter Cooper reflects a flair for thoughtful storytelling in the traditions of John Prine, Tom T. Hall, and Jim Lauderdale, warmly complemented throughout by co-producer Lloyd Green's pedal steel virtuosity." - Rich Kienzle, No Depression

  • Last Train Home: Live at IOTA (2008)

"If only all roots rock were as good as Last Train Home! This live collection shows them at their very finest." - No Depression

  • Last Train Home: Last Good Kiss (2007)

"9 Out of 10 Stars - It happens all too rarely but when you do stumble across a band as good as Last Train Home, the hairs on the back of your neck really do stand up on end." - Michael Mee, Americana UK

  • Fayssoux: I Can't Wait (2014)
    “Charm, elegance, whippoorwills, and magnolia dewdrops. These are the things that come to mind when I hear Fayssoux sing." - Rodney Crowell

  • Fayssoux: Early (2008)
    “She’s one of my favorite singers.” Emmylou Harris (who sings harmonies on the record)


"Her long-awaited debut finds Fayssoux Starling McLean drinking deeply of the unvarnished folk, country and gospel music of her native South Carolina. The backing is spare and empathetic, leaving room for McLean to burrow into an elegant mix of originals and ringers, including surefire material from Paul Craft and Rodney Crowell." - Bill Friskics-Warren, The Tennessean.

  • The Skylighters (2006)
    "Featuring members of the band Last Train Home, plus bluegrass instrumental legends Mike Auldridge and Jimmy Gaudreau, it would take a stern disposition indeed to resist such abundantly evident charm as dazzles in these grooves. The Skylighters aren't just playing music, they're casting spells. This is one powerful and lovely recording." - Jerome Clark,




For more information, please contact Lynn Lancaster at

or call 0208 676 5178 ext 256 (in the UK).




October 30, 2015 10:41am ET by Lime Jam PR  

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