Barnard Star “Songs Survive” EP


Barnard Star (real name Mark Steadman) is a musician from Birmingham, UK.  He writes songs from the heart, drawing on personal experience and produces them in his home studio.  After 12 years away from music, poking his head out occasionally to write comedy songs about life on the Internet, he is once again returning to music, writing songs about his city, his youth and loss.

The name Barnard Star was inspired by the real-life galactic object Barnard’s Star, which Steadman first heard about in the Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

“Songs Survive” is a three-track collection that demonstrate a remarkable story telling ability.  Title track was inspired by Star’s beloved Birmingham and the city’s creative talent that he believes doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.  “Keep Her on the Phone” is a personal story that deals with a bad and toxic relationship that began from online dating.  “Lighter on the Way Home” is an amazing song that charts the nine-year relationship that Star had with his cat.  The first two verses are told from the cat’s perspective and you don’t get that from too many of Simon Cowell’s artists.

Barnard Star is a master story teller making interesting and clever music.

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