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Kaiser Chiefs' Ricky Wilson prescribed anti-anxiety medicine for 'The Voice'

Hitmaker Ricky Wilson, of the Kaiser Chiefs fame, has confessed that he was so nervous before beginning his judging role on 'The Voice' that he sought medical advice. 

During a new interview with Britain's The Sun magaine, Wilson confessed that his physician explained that he was suffering mild anxiety so prescribed him some pills to cope with how he was feeling:

"I went to the doctors because I was dizzy and the doctor said, 'You are a bit anxious.' Every time I stood up I thought I was going to fall over. I was given tablets which I pretended to take - I thought they might do something weird."

The 'I Predict A Riot' star added that instead of taking the tablets, he decided to confront it head on and turned to his fellow judges for support: "They were constantly there. When I was flagging emotionally, Kylie would point out the cameras to give me a steer."

"It took every ounce of strength to get on with it but my fears went as soon as the camera was rolling."

Meanwhile, the Kaiser Chiefs have just released their brand new album, entitled 'Education, Education, Education & War', and Wilson took to his official Twitter page this afternoon to thank his fans for their excitement about it: "I'm overwhelmed by your response to the Album. I hope we made you proud. If you love it, spread the word. X"

Watch the band's music video for 'Coming Home' below: