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Poll shows that Justin Bieber is the fifth most disliked person in the USA

Canadian superstar Justin Bieber finished fifth in a new poll to find the most disliked public figures in America, it has been revealed. 

The research was conducted by E-Score and the results proved that the 'As Long As You Love Me' sensation isn't very popular in America after finishing in fifth place with 86%, just behind disgraced owner of the LA Clippers Donald Sterling (No.1 with 92%) and OJ Simpson, who came in third with 88% of the vote. 

Other figures to appear in the Top 10 include the late Michael Jackson's physician, doctor Conrad Murray, television personality Jon Gosselin, and the father of Lindsay Lohan, Michael. The list can be seen in full below:

1) Donald Sterling: 92 percent
2) Bernie Madoff: 90 percent
3) OJ Simpson: 88 percent
3) Conrad Murray: 88 percent
5) Justin Bieber: 86 percent
6) Phil Spector: 83 percent
7) Aaron Hernandez: 81 percent
8) Michael Lohan: 76 percent
9) Eliot Spitzer: 73 percent 
10) Jon Gosselin: 71 percent

Check out a snippet of Bieber's new song 'It's Working' below: