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Zach Braff opens up about Harry Styles friendship

Actor Zach Braff has revealed that he can't believe people are so interested in his friendship with 'Story Of My Life' hitmaker Harry Styles

During a new interview with Andy Cohen on 'Watch What Happens Live', he was asked about their 'bromance' and admitted that it came about after they met through mutual friends and then Styles tweeted good things about Braff's new movie, 'Wish I Was Here':

"No matter where I go now, people bring up Harry Styles. I was just leaving '30 Rock' today and people were like, 'say hi to Harry Styles'."

"I met Harry through mutual friends, he's a super nice guy and came to Sundance to see our movie. He then tweeted that he cried during the movie because the movie is emotional and... I have to thank Harry for crying during the movie because it was the best press we ever had."

Cohen then asked Braff jokingly how long he had dated the One Direction heartthrob for, to which he replied: "Just 'til I came."

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