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Newcomer Mason Noise talks to Pressparty about his new single 'Boyfriend' and songwriting

UK based rising star Mason Noise recently took time out of his schedule to chat with Pressparty about his new single, entitled 'Boyfriend', the artists that inspire him, and his passion for songwriting. 

How did you first get into music and when did you know it was what you really wanted to do?

Some friends and I formed a rap group back when I was 14 and they encouraged me to start singing as they needed their very own Nate Dogg on their choruses! I got into producing on GarageBand after my Dad bought me my first iMac and here we are!

Are there any artists that really inspire you? Who would you describe as your main influences and why?

Pharrell Williams, Jamie Foxx, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson. The list could be endless but anyone who can have a hand in their own writing and producing inspires me!

Your new single is called ‘Boyfriend’. What’s the meaning behind the track?

I think sometimes as humans we are scared to make the leap to do what it takes to be happy. It's a fun track about being too comfortable in a relationship you could do better than to be in, but it's something we can all keep in mind.

What qualities do you think makes a great boyfriend?

I think every girl wants different qualities. But you've got to be thoughtful and kind... not be afraid to show affection and not be scared to be protective. (Just not over-protective!)

What are you listening to at the moment?

I go through phases to keep inspired! At the moment I'm loving underground deep house.

How involved are you in songwriting? Do you work with co-writers, or is everything directly from you? What’s your creative process like, usually?

I do all my own songwriting. I think it's because sometimes I can only word what I want to say from my messy head! Usually all the melodies come first then I lock myself in the studio! I'm releasing my EP this winter along with a new video!

Your music video for ‘Take A Seat’ is visually striking, how did you come up with the concept for it? What was it like to shoot?

I wanted an unusual way to compete for a woman. And I thought it would be quite impressive doing I through to means of pretty incredible animals. I think if you turn up in the club on a horse your going to get attention! We shot it all in one day. We had to be very efficient and not reck the studio as it was like a small zoo! Great experience though...

Listen to Mason Noise's new single, 'Boyfriend', below:



Watch his music video for 'Take A Seat' here: