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Chris O'Dowd on Broadway: 'I felt like Niall Horan, knowing all the fans are there to see Harry Styles'

Irish actor Chris O'Dowd recently appeared in the Broadway production of Of Mice and Men alongside James Franco in New York City and confessed that it was an amazing experience, but he felt like people bought tickets just to see Franco.

Speaking to Heat magazine, he likened his Broadway experience to that of Irish heartthrob Niall Horan in One Direction and joked that Niall probably knows fans come to the concerts just to see Harry Styles:

"It was so exciting, Broadway feels like a real community. You go for a post-show glass of wine and the cast of Cabaret are there. And [James] Franco just brings masses of teenage girls, which is f**king bananas."

"I was used to doing theatre in London, where the average age of the audience is 68. I felt like the Irish kid in One Direction - Niall - like, knowing they're all going to see Harry Styles. I knew they were all there to see Franco."

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Watch footage of O'Dowd on Broadway below: