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Bea Miller on 5H: 'They're like my sisters - we started at the bottom together'

Songstress Bea Miller is gearing up to join Fifth Harmony on their upcoming Reflection: Summer Tour and she recently told Hollywire that it should be a fantastic experience as they're all good friends. 

Speaking about being able to hit the road in support of 5H, the 'Young Blood' hitmaker admitted that she's looking forward to it because they all came from the same kind of place and rose to fame together:

"I... oh my god, I'm going to die... I'm so excited. They're like my sisters. I've known them since 'X Factor' and we started at the bottom together and, of course, now they're at the top and I'm somewhere in the middle. We'll have a fun time."

"The first post on my whole Instagram is a picture of me and Lauren (Jauregui) and we both look super young. I look horrible and super awkward. She was the first person I met at bootcamp - I would never have predicted we'd be here now."

When asked about her first impressions of the other Fifth Harmony beauties, Miller added that she initially expected Camila Cabello to be the quiet one of the group and she later learned that she was mistaken: "I originally thought Camila was actually really shy and quiet - she wasn't really talking to anyone. Not at all... I was totally wrong! Lauren is just super cool and chill."

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