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Jimmy Bullard on Louis Tomlinson's baby news: 'I'm not sure we should celebrate it'

Footballer Jimmy Bullard has spoken out on Louis Tomlinson's reported baby news and admitted that he thinks the One Direction star will have something of a 'nightmare' on his hands given the nature of the situation. 

Earlier this month, news broke online that suggests the 'Story Of My Life' heartthrob is expecting a baby with Los Angeles-based beauty Briana Jungwirth.

Bullard, who has two kids of his own, has revealed that being a father is hard work and he isn't sure it's the best thing for Tomlinson to do at this point in his life. 

The former Premier League player met Tomlinson at a charity soccer game last year and recently told Britain's Daily Mirror that he thinks the singer will really struggle with both parenthood in general and trying to balance his career with having a child: "I'm not sure we should be congratulating that. Yeah... a nightmare... He's going to have his hands full. I'm sure he'll get it all sorted. I can't advise him, I struggle with my two as it is. He'll be a great dad."

He also opened up about his friendship with Tomlinson, adding: "It is a weird relationship. It's a random one. It's just grown... I call him or he calls me and we slag people off, mainly. We get together and say, 'Let's give this character some'... We destroy people. It makes us laugh."

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Watch Bullard and Naughty Boy talking about 1D below: