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Take That in documentary "stitch-up"

Take That have revealed that a previous documentary about the band that would have had them reuniting at its conclusion, was actually a "stitch-up" to keep them apart for dramatic effect.

The end of 2005 reunion documentary ‘For The Record’ ends with Mark Owen, Gary Barlow, Jason Orange and Howard Donald waiting in a room for an invited Robbie Williams to show up. However, they learn that Williams turned down the invitation, but recorded them a video message which they watch before walking off dramatically to ‘Never Forget’.

"Smoke and mirrors," says Robbie to The Guardian. "It wasn't explained to me that way, you know, there's going to be four lads in a room wondering if you're going to turn up. The way it was presented to me was we were all giving messages to each other, so I sent the message. It was bit of a stitch-up job, to be honest. I mean, the words I spoke were the words I spoke – I didn't get stitched up with what I said – but I wasn't happy with the end bit."

The band has now reunited with all four original members with a massive tour planned for 2011, but not all fans were ecstatic about Robbie’s return.

"I went to the doctor's when it all started kicking off with Rob," Jason Orange says, "and she says, 'Don't let him back in the band.' I was looking at her, and the first thing I thought was, 'Have you really got this much emotional investment in Take That? Is your own life not that interesting?' Sorry, that sounds condescending, but these comments are condescending to us.”

Watch the band’s first single ‘The Flood’ off their latest record ‘Progress’ below: