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H20 singer enlists Travis Barker's support for anti-drug charity

Travis Barker is embracing the season of giving by helping out a charity that strives to prevent the youth of today from using drugs.

One Life One Chance was set up by Toby Morse of hardcore punk band H20 and has enlisted the support of Barker, 35, who said of the charity:

“I love and support what Toby is doing for the youth,”

“It's good that these kids can see that not every rock star is a drug addict and he is such a positive, all-around role model for them."

“If it's providing promotional goods or helping him get to schools who cant afford to have a speaker, we understand that Toby's message of PMA (positive mental attitude) and way of life is something we all could use."

Barker, who just released the video for his debut solo single ‘Carry It’, hopes that young people “can be drug free and be cool too."

Watch his new video here: