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Fetty Wap on Nicki Minaj collaboration 'Like A Star'

Fetty Wap has opened up about collaborating with Nicki Minaj on their new joint single 'Like A Star'. 

Chatting to Billboard magazine about the track, he explained that he knew he wanted her to feature on it from the minute it was created:

"I was really beasting for her to get on the song. I ain't really want nobody else on the song but her. I really didn't make the song for myself. I just made the song to see if she liked the song, and have somebody else do the song with her. I ain't really the reggae-sounding artist, so for me to jump in that lane, it was different for me."

He also spoke about his new album, entitled 'Zoo Wap', adding: "This is album is more like a love story album. That's what people know me for. I make a lot of songs for females. A lot of stuff that I be going through, I just put it in my music. It's gonna be some good songs and there's gonna be some different songs. It's all the Fetty Wap sound."

Check out 'Like A Star' here:

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