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Primal Scream’s anti-“trashed” tactic

Frontman of Primal Scream, Bobby Gillespie, has revealed that he and his band aim to arrive as late as possible to their festival concerts so as to avoid partying too hard before they go onstage.

The band was previously infamous for their hard partying, but have since decided to tone things down. Speaking to Q Magazine, the singer said: "I get in as late as possible and get out as soon as I leave the stage. It's women and children first, every man for himself.

"I don't like the risk of getting too trashed to play. It's nearly happened before. We headlined the first T in the Park festival in Scotland. I had to be carried onstage I was so hammered."

The lesson was learned, Gillespie said, after a particularly terrible performance on their part at a German show.

"The worst show we did was probably a German festival called Aachen in 1994,” he said. “Our guitarist Robert Young refused to get on the plane from Athens so we did the gig without him and it was terrible. It was a low point, but that's drug addiction."

Watch Primal Scream performing at an Australia show in January below: