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Jennifer Hudson glad to "hide behind" other 'Dreamgirls' stars

Actress and singer, Jennifer Hudson, has explained that she loved her supporting role in 'Dreamgirls' because at the time she thought she could "hide behind" its big stars. 

Speaking to Alan Titchmarsh yesterday, May 10, the 'And I Am Telling You' vocal powerhouse revealed initially she was glad that she could let others carry the spotlight, but when the attention began turning to her she was ready because of her experience on American Idol:

"I was in a film with Beyoncé, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx - I was like, 'I can hide behind these people, nobody's paying attention to little old me back here.'"

"Then once we finished the film and started getting the buzz and everyone started talking about Jennifer, I'm like 'Oh my God, everyone's looking at me, the pressure'"

She added that participating in the popular talent contest gave her a different outlook on being centre of attention and allowed her to embrace the buzz surrounding her from the movie:

"I felt like I learned (a) lesson from Idol where I let different things intimidate me from being on the show, so I knew by the time I got to my second chance, which was Dreamgirls, I was like, 'I'm not letting anyone interrupt my thing or discourage me.'"

Watch her performance of 'I Remember Me' from the show, here: