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Pete Doherty smoked "heroin in bed" at a hospital

Pete Doherty's former producer, Jake Fior, opened up to Sunday's (June 12) Observer magazine about the time he found the Libertines star smoking heroin in hospital. 

The singer-songwriter is currently serving a jail term for cocaine possession and Fior revealed to the publication that his behaviour had always been detrimental and that even back in 2005, when he sought help by booking into a mental health institution, he took it one step too far:

"When Pete was in Pentonville (prison) on remand for allegedly attacking another film-maker, Max Carlish (all charges were later dropped), I got Paul Russell [director of the Belgravia-based clinic Smart Treatment Project] to fax me a note saying that Pete was booked into the Capio Nightingale hospital in Marylebone, and I managed to get him bailed to the hospital. I arrived and he was in a private room smoking heroin in bed."

Watch Doherty's recent performance of 'When The Lights Go Out' here: