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Wild Beasts talk about remixing Lady Gaga's 'Yoü and I'

Indie rockers Wild Beasts have produced an exciting remix of Lady Gaga's new single, 'Yoü and I'. 

The band, who are based in the Lake District, revealed that Gaga's "people" approached them specifically to reimagine and rework the track, which they have described as being "more Shania Twain or Sheryl Crow-esque than Lady Gaga". 

Speaking to the NME, Wild Beasts' Hayden Thorpe explained the process:

"It's such a bizarre, unlikely thing that I was really drawn to it. That 'What the fuck?' element is really invigorating in a way. It seemed like a huge challenge, which was really enticing, and I think as a band we’ve always quite thrived off doing unlikely things."

"I think sometimes it's important to do things which are out of character, or potentially damaging, you want to take risks sometimes, and it was a risk in that it's sort of like sleeping with the enemy."

Interestingly, Thorpe also explained that the studio in which the band remixed the track was in one of the areas directly affected by the London riots and looting, adding:

"The studio where we were working on it was down near Roman Road, where there was trouble. Jon wouldn't turn the music up too much in case people heard, realised there as a studio there and decided to loot it. There was a real sense of fear, which I found quite bizarre."

Check out Wild Beasts' remix of 'Yoü and I' by Lady Gaga below: