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Chris Cornell admits that he can't read music

Chris Cornell has revealed that he can't read or write music. 

The singer, who fronted Soundgarden and Audioslave, has said that a mean teacher put him off of it when he was younger.

In an interview with, he explained:

"I learned to read music when I was 10 and did piano and took lessons. Unfortunately, I didn't really have any direction. It just felt like school. It was another subject, another course. I had kind of a mean piano teacher. I picked it up very fast and I learned to read music very fast, but I don't now at all".

As one of the biggest names from 90s grunge, he says that it hasn't affected how he writes songs because he has "learned to create music without a language" and he works both well and quickly that way.

Check out Cornell's performance of 'Black Hole Sun' with Soundgarden and 'You Know My Name', his song from 'James Bond: Casino Royale', here: