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INXS have a new Irish frontman

Ciaran Gribbin from Co. Derry, Ireland has been named as the new frontman for INXS.

The singer, who has co-written songs for Madonna, Paul McCartney and Snow Patrol, met the band's keyboardist and songwriter, Andrew Farriss in Sydney at a house party and it all took off from there. 

Speaking to the Irish Times, Gribbin says:

"...someone said, ‘Sing an INXS song,’ and as Andrew played the guitar, I sang 'Mystify' . We kept in touch over the next year via e-mail, etc, and six months ago I got a call out of the blue, inviting me to co-write with him in Australia”. 

Since the death of Michael Hutchence in 1997, Jon Stevens and 'Rock Star: INXS' winner, J.D. Fortune have fronted the Australian band. Gribbin says that he doesn't not intend to fill the shoes of Hutchence, who once dated Kylie Minogue:

"I don’t think anyone can replace Michael Hutchence. I am here to pay my respects to him. I am aware of the history and the legacy of the band and when I walk out on that stage I hope the fans know that. I am as big a fan of Michael as everyone who will be coming to the gigs. I genuinely want to perform those older songs the way they should be performed – with passion to entertain a crowd".

Check out INXS' demo track, 'Tiny Summer', with Ciaran Gribbin on vocals and a video of INXS' classic song, 'Never Tear Us Apart':