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Katy Perry: "You can’t have cake for dinner all the time, can you?"

In an interview with Tony Clayton-Lea of the Irish Times, Katy Perry explains the many layers of her live show and style by using mouth-watering food analogies.

The 'Firework' star, who is just about to finish up her European leg of her California Dreams tour in Dublin next week, said that she can't always play the role of the "kooky" popstar:

“Well, I’m not all pink champagne, that’s for sure. I have different sides to my character and personality, and I just play them whenever I feel like playing them, you know? And I couldn’t be all cotton candy and fluff, anyway, because that would be too sweet – you can’t have cake for dinner all the time, can you?

"Every once in a while you gotta have the rest of the food groups or else you’ll just rot. So, I like to keep it balanced, and it’s nice to show that side because it surprises people, I guess. Not many people are aware that I started out playing acoustic guitar and singing in cafés, and the like. I didn’t always have the crazy outfits”.

Perry will also be performing at MTV EMA, along with Adam Lambert and Red Hot Chili Peppers, in Belfast on November 6, where she has received four nominations, including Best Female and Best Live.

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