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Dappy is "dying" to score 3 No.1 singles

N-Dubz star Dappy, who is now both recording and performing as a solo artist, has revealed that he is desperate to have a triple run of No.1 singles under his belt. 

Speaking to Capital FM, the 'No Regrets' hitmaker explained that it's important that he keeps releasing exciting music and having Queen legend Brian May work on his new single 'Rockstar', available from February 26, was a dream come true:

"I'm gobsmacked really to have him on the track. How on earth did I get such a legend on that track? I don't know. I want to get the third one and have three number ones, I'm dying for it. But the thing is you can't - everyone knows - we can't get to number one with music that isn't good."

He is hoping that 'Rockstar' and the follow up track will match the success of 'No Regrets' and that both will enjoy a stint at the top of the UK Top 40 because he believes in the sound and style he's been focusing on:




"We need irresistible music and they're the type of songs that get to number one and we're just trying to maintain it, really. After this next 'Rockstar' song comes out, I've got the third one lined up ready to go and it is completely different to 'Rockstar' and 'No Regrets', and it's something for everyone again."

Watch the music video for 'Rockstar', which also features Brian May, below: