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Madonna's 'MDNA' set for "biggest second week drop in US chart history"

Madonna's new album has undergone the "biggest second week drop" in US chart history, according to Forbes.

Her album 'MDNA' hit the top of the charts worldwide upon its release on March 26 - but it according to Forbes' website, her US chart sales in its second week have diminished greatly in comparison to its initial sales.

They say that whilst the album sold 359,000 copies in the US in its first week, it only managed to shift about 46,000 units in its second week.

This means it has apparently suffered an 88% drop in the sales - said to be the biggest ever in a second week of a release.

As previously reported, Madonna took to social networking website Twitter recently to ask Britney Spears if she fancied recreating the pair's famous on-stage kiss back in 2003 - with Spears replying that she is tempted.




Watch Madonna being interviewed below: