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Lana Del Rey producer says label didn't think 'Video Games' would do well

Lana Del Rey's producer has revealed that her record label didn't think her hit track 'Video Games' would make an impact.

Justin Parker, who co-wrote and produced the track, told Digital Spy that Del Rey's label wasn't too sure about releasing the song as a single - but the risk seemingly paid off.

The track features minimal percussion and haunting piano, but Parker believes that there should be more songs like 'Video Games' in charts. He said:

"They liked the track but they didn't think radio stations would play it. Thankfully it worked out in the end, and hopefully they will be more songs like it being played in the future. The charts are a bit of a racket at the moment."

Parker added that he "hardly wrote any of the song" and took time to praise Lana Del Rey's abilities. He said:

"She's a brilliant songwriter - I hardly wrote any of the song. She just needs a musician to work with, which is the case for most artists. She's quite quirky and has a very strange laugh! She's a very sweet girl who lives in her own world. She's not contrived, it's just the way she is."




Watch Lana Del Rey perform 'Video Games' below: