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Harry Styles admits One Direction would fight over girls

One Direction star Harry Styles has revealed that there would be "fisticuffs" should members of the boyband be angling for the same girl.

Speaking to Top of the Pops magazine, Styles said that whilst the quintet have different tastes in women, if they did indeed all like the same girl then there would certainly be fireworks. He said:

"I don't think we have liked the same girl yet as we all have quite different taste in girls, so we don't come across that problem, which is great. But if that were to happen? Fisticuffs!"

Styles also said in the same interview that if he wasn't in One Direction then he would probably be a physiotherapist. He added:

"If I wasn't doing this, I'd be studying, I guess. I always wanted to be a physiotherapist and before I was in the band. I was studying, so I'd probably be working hard and studying for that."

One Direction today (April 20) revealed three new Australia and New Zealand tour dates, with shows planned for Christchurch and Auckland in October 2013.




Watch Harry Styles having a chat below: