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Katy Perry recreates iconic kiss with Navy officer

Pop superstar Katy Perry performed for a special crowd at the Naval Academy in Maryland on Friday, April 20 and delighted a sailor by recreating an iconic kiss with him on stage.

The 'Teenage Dream' songstress was battling flu, but pulled 20-year-old Officer Beasley into the spotlight with her before asking him if he would like to kiss her despite her 101.8 degree fever:

"Is this legal? Well I'm a little bit older than you, but that's alright - I can be your Mrs Robinson."

"Now Beasley, listen.. I have to warn you, if I told you I had a cold, if I told you I flew here with a 101.8 degree temperature, would you still be alright?"

Perry then fell into his arms dramatically and he planted a kiss on her lips while the crowd cheered them on. Following the event, she tweeted:

"Played for some Navy guys & gals tonight. I think my fever broke on stage from all the sea-men..."




Watch the moment unfold below: