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The Voice contestants hit out at show on Twitter

A number of contestants on the UK version of TV talent show The Voice have hit out at the program on Twitter.

The show, which sees likes of Jessie J and take up roles as coaches, started a number of weeks ago and has enjoyed good ratings against its Saturday rival Britain's Got Talent.

However, J Marie Cooper, who left the show last night (April 22) took to Twitter to criticise The Voice, suggesting that her age was wrongly played against her. She said:

"Hey peeps, there was a lot cut from my final edit of The Voice, including any emotion or story I might have had... As much as I'm ok with it. I have a lot of love for all of the contestants on The Voice, and I still support the show. But I'm real and always gonna tell it like it is. The fact that I am 27, should not have even been a factor. It's called 'The Voice' not 'The Age'. I'm stating facts here."

Contestant Emily McGregor meanwhile posted on Twitter to say that she felt her singing battle with Aleks Josh was edited badly. She said:

"Well done Aleks Josh, although it didn't look like it. I was just disappointed. The Voice UK editors have made it seem as if I didn't like or respect Aleks Josh, but that isn't the case. TV editing can be very clever."




Watch J Marie Cooper perform on The Voice below: