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Adam Levine reveals his romantic moves

Maroon 5's heartthrob Adam Levine has revealed that in order to woo the ladies he likes to write songs and first tried this technique on a girl who became the inspiration for the band's debut album, 'Songs About Jane'.

Speaking to Paper Mag, the 'Moves Like Jagger' superstar admitted that in the past he has used music to get the attention of women he's had his eye on although it hasn't always worked out in his favour:

"If I really liked a girl and I felt these romantic feelings towards her, I would literally write a song and make sure they heard it. I was so bold. It was a brief relationship but we really did fall in love with each other and when we broke up, my heart was broken."

"I didn't have money or a job. All I had was a girl I was in love with and the dream of being a famous musician. I was like, 'I need to turn this into something good or it's going to be a bad thing'."

Referring to his current commitments, Levine added that he's happy to have multiple projects on the go as a 33-year-old, but hopes to slow down considerably over the next few years:




"I just hope this isn't the case when I'm 40. I turned 33 and I thought, 'OK, this is exactly where I need to be', and why should I stop until I get to a point where I can, and say, 'f**k this, I'm going to go play golf'."

Watch Levine discuss his passion for golf below: