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JLS's Oritsé Williams reveals weight struggles

JLS star Oritsé Williams has admitted that he often struggles with his weight.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Williams opened up on his health and said that he often has to train harder than his bandmates to keep fit for tour.

However, he confirmed that he has indeed lost a lot of weight and is keeping trim on the band's current UK tour. He said:

"I've been training hard and lost a lot of weight. I wanted to post a picture of me half-naked on Twitter to inspire fans. I had a bit of a belly and want to let them know they're not alone because I struggle with my weight. By exposing myself I wanted to let the fans know they weren't alone."

Williams however admitted that he had to invent his own diet in an effort to get in shape. He added:

"I had to invent my own Oritsé diet and I have to train a lot harder than the boys to get in shape. I don't drink booze any more, just water and I'm only allowed one cheat day a week where I eat what I want. It's tough but I'm more confident now."




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